OUR priorities for Bolton are: More money for roads: An extra £5 million, with most of the spending on residential roads, which have been largely ignored by this council. This could be done without increasing council tax.

Protect the greenbelt and our heritage: Never again should the council approve, against the advice of experts, developments like that around the Smithills Coaching House.

Cut the number of councillors: There is a strong case for reducing the number of councillors — we think they could easily be reduced from 60 to 40, saving around £300,000 a year.

Cut councillors’ perks: 30 of the 60 councillors (23 of them Labour) receive “Special Responsibility Allowances” costing the council tax payer £190,000 a year. The number of allowances should be cut.

Improve road safety: Establishment of 20mph zones (without speed humps) in all residential areas where residents want them, and liaison with the police to ensure they are properly enforced. More flashing speed warning signs in speed “hot spots”.

Fair allocation of money: Make sure that council money is fairly allocated across all areas of Bolton and not targeted at some areas purely for political advantage.

Make the council more open: Too many meetings are still not open to the press and public.

We would open those up — except where the subject has to be confidential. We would give applicants and objectors longer to speak on planning applications.

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