PEOPLE we talk to tell us they are fed up with the same old policies of the three major parties and they are concerned about the extent to which the EU controls their lives at local and national levels.

People want a change — they want a voice and they want their towns and their country back.

UKIP is the only party offering real change. UKIP stands for putting power back where it belongs, with the local communities, where people are put first, rather than politics.

UKIP would work to improve local government democracy and towards the introduction of binding referendums on decisions relating to major issues.

We do not operate a party whip system, which means our councillors have the freedom to act in the best interests of their constituents.

UKIP councillors will work for the reduction of council tax, more police on the streets, increasing help for the elderly to stay in their own homes, protect green belts, identify unnecessary wasteful spending and many other issues adversely affecting our communities.

On May 22, as well as the local elections, the European elections are taking place, and UKIP believes that the British people are best placed to govern our country, control our own borders and stop sending £55 million every day to the EU.

UKIP is the fastest growing political party. We believe that, if you vote UKIP, you will get UKIP.

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