THE Green Party stands for: A fairer distribution of the nation’s wealth.

Sustainable development, to protect the environment for future generations.

A sensible economy that does not rely on casino banking.

We want to see the re-nationalisation of the railways, water and energy supply industries, and the implementation of a living wage to replace the minimum wage.

If elected, Green Party councillors would fight any attack on Bolton’s health services. The coalition government’s cuts and privatisation agenda is threatening to dismantle our NHS.

We will press for a “no evictions” policy in Bolton, to safeguard those who have fallen into arrears due to the appalling legislation known as the bedroom tax.

We oppose any cuts to jobs and services caused by the government’s austerity agenda.

There are fairer and better ways to improve the economy that do not involve attacks on the vulnerable.

We oppose any fracking for shale gas in Bolton. Fracking will not bring down energy costs.

It will disrupt communities and create the potential for earth tremors, water contamination and air pollution.

We will press for measures to make our communities safer, including the urgent implementation of 20mph speed limits on all residential roads.

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