A YOUNG family were “inches from death” when a car ploughed into their home.

The red Lexus crashed through a neighbour's front garden in Harper Green Road, Farnworth, before smashing into the house at about 7pm on Sunday.

Mum-of-one, Donna Stewart, was in the garden with her daughter Angel, aged 11, niece Ebony, aged nine, and her next door neighbour’s toddler, Jordanna, aged three, enjoying the last of the sun when the car careered through next door’s garden towards them.

Quick-thinking Miss Stewart, who was holding Jordanna at the time, threw her out of the way as the car narrowly avoided where they had been sitting.

Angel and Ebony, who were sat at the front door, had to act equally as fast as the car drove right at them and crashed into the entrance to the house.

The male driver ran off in the direction of Lee Avenue.

Miss Stewart’s 72-year-old mum, Margery Ward, who was in the living room at the time, was treated for shock.

Miss Stewart, aged 33, who has lived in the house that was damaged for 21 years, said: “It was either throw Jordanna out of harm’s way or we’d have both been impaled with the car against the house. It was literally inches away from us.


“My daughter was stood in the doorway with Ebony but thankfully they managed to get out of its way before it smashed into our front door.

“If we had been any slower reacting, it would have taken us all out.

“The car did so much damage the whole front door area has been boarded up and we’re being re-housed until everything is fixed.

“My grandmother is still shaken by it — she was sat in the front room just a few feet away from where the car hit the house.”

Police are now trying to find the driver.

A police spokesman said: “We are investigating a fail-to-stop damage-only collision.”

Miss Stewart also criticised the safety of Harper Green Road.

She said: “Sooner or later someone is going to be killed along here.”