THERE is nothing shortsighted about nine-year-old Jack Fletcher’s spectacular charity glasses collection.

When Jack watched Sport Relief on television he was so moved by the plight of people less fortunate than himself — he was determined to do something to help.

So the big-hearted youngster, who attends Ladybridge Primary School, went online with his dad, Greg, to find out how he could make a difference to the lives of others.

Jack, who lives with his family in Beaumont Chase, Bolton, said: “I was told I no longer needed to wear glasses.

“I didn’t want to throw them away and thought they could help someone.

“I found out about the charity Vision Aid, which helps people who need glasses.”

Instead of simply just donating his old glasses, the clever youngster decided to get his whole school involved with the charity.

He wrote a letter explaining about the work it did and how children and staff could support it — and sent it to every class in his school.

And pupils backed Jack’s cause by donating 49 pairs of old glasses.

These will now be sent to those who cannot afford to buy them. Jack, who has a brother Leon, aged eight, said: “I was really pleased with the response, I did it because I just wanted to help — my mum and dad have taught me to share.”

His mum Nicola added: “He was really moved by watching Sport Relief and wanted to do something. I am extremely proud of him. He drafted the letter and Greg typed it for him.

“It was all his idea, decorating the box to collect the glasses.”

Jack’s school described him as an inspiration. Head teacher Colin Watson said: “Jack is a very thoughtful and mature boy, who puts the needs of others before himself.

“I am so proud to have children like Jack at Ladybridge Primary School. He is an inspiration to us all.”