A BOLTON car boot enthusiast enjoyed her five minutes of fame after she spent 12 weeks filming for a new documentary.

Val Brett, who has been buying and selling at car boot sales for two years, was approached at a local auction by a BBC One researcher working on the four part Del Boys and Dealers documentary.

After agreeing to take part in filming for the programme, she was accompanied by a film crew on her weekly visits to Clitheroe Collectors Market and Car Boot Sale, charity shops and auctions to see the bargains she could uncover.

She said: “After my mum died, I sold some of her possessions at a car boot sale and really enjoyed the atmosphere.

“I am still learning the ropes of buying and selling at car boot sales but I love my new hobby.

“I’ll watch programmes like Bargain Hunt and when I see something making a profit, will research the item on the internet and then watch out for something similar when I am next at a car boot sale or auction.

“I get a real buzz from finding bargains and then selling them on — like a pair of ornaments I bought at a car boot sale, which I sold on for £150. I’m still waiting to make my fortune through buying and selling but I’m having a lot of fun.”

She met former Bolton Wanderers winger Willie Morgan after buying a signed canvas painting of him at auction.

Ms Brett said: “It was a real treat being filmed showing Willie the painting I bought of him for £10.”

Val appeared on Del Boys and Dealers this week.