A HEADTEACHER has quit his job to experience the excitement of the World Cup.

Mark Williams, who led High Lawn Primary School since 1996, approached governors around Easter time, telling them he wanted to leave the school to watch the tournament in Brazil.

The head has taken the school in Sharples to “good with outstanding” — an Ofsted mark he achieved twice. He flew out to South America on Wednesday.

After offering his resignation to governors, it was agreed that Mr Williams would take two weeks of unpaid leave during World Cup, before returning to the school for the rest of the summer term.
A new head will take over in September.

Mr Williams, who now is considering new challenges in education, said: “I offered my resignation to governors so I could fulfil the trip of a lifetime.

“However, it was agreed with governors that it would be best for the school for me to continue until the end of the year and have unpaid leave of absence for the two-week period.”

Mr Williams will be sharing his World Cup experiences with pupils when he gets back.

The headteacher said his plans were made before he was asked to stay on at the school.

David Kay, chairman of governors, said: “Earlier in the year, Mr Williams offered his resignation to the governing body so that he could attend the World Cup in Brazil and then pursue alternative career opportunities.

“Governors agreed that it would be in the best interests of the school to grant unpaid leave of absence for this visit but for Mr Williams to stay on for the remainder of the summer term to ensure a smooth transition into the next academic year.

“It would not have been acceptable for governors to grant unpaid leave of absence without Mr Williams offering his resignation.”