A HEARTBROKEN widow who never got over the death of her husband hanged herself, an inquest heard.

Jacqueline Leach, a 58-year-old a mother of three sons, found happiness with Frank Leach, but when he died from cancer several years ago she was devastated.

Her sister, Sharon Ratcliffe. said former care worker Mrs Leach suffered depression, would drink and had tried to kill herself on a number of occasions.

Mrs Leach’s son, John Derbyshire, found her dead at her home in Tithe Barn Crescent, Hall i’th’ Wood, on February 24.

A note left on the living room table expressed her wish to die.

Area coroner, Alan Walsh, said: “It suggests that her husband’s death was a major factor because she couldn’t live, really, without him and she asks the family to accept that is what she wants to do.”

Mr Derbyshire said he had seen his mother a day earlier and she had seemed fine, a view echoed by neighbour Carmel Cosgrove, who saw Mrs Leach at 11pm. She said Mrs Leach had been drinking, but was not drunk, and that they were even laughing together before her friend went home.

But Mrs Ratcliffe said her sister had “a very sad life and was on a downward spiral all the time”.

Recording a conclusion that Mrs Harper took her own life while suffering from depression, Mr Walsh said: “When Frank died I am satisfied his death destroyed Mrs Leach.

“In her note she says he was the only one she ever loved and to that extent she couldn’t cope with his loss.”