ONE of Bolton’s Commonwealth Games hopefuls is being spurred on for glory for her son and husband.

Not only have the hours of blood, sweat and tears getting ready for Glasgow made it hard for Bolton Olympic Wrestling Club’s Louisa Porogovska, her bid for glory is for emotional reasons.

She said: “I finished competing after the last Commonwealth Games and I had a son in October 2012 – he’s called Arthur.

“I started back wrestling in October 2013 because I missed the sport and wanted to get fit again after being pregnant.

“I entered the English Championships earlier this year and won it. Since then I have been away training in Austria.

“I have been training in Ukraine with the national team and then trained in Austria and I will go to Madrid next week for a final competition and camp before the Games.

“This has been tough for my son who I have tried to keep with me as much as possible but I have had to spend a few weeks away from him and my husband Anatoliy Porogovskyy who is also a coach at Bolton Olympic Wrestling Club.”

Louisa has some extra incentive for success as if she can medal or even win her women’s 55kg category.

She said: “My husband is the one who really made my mind up to compete again after I only placed fourth at the last Games.

“I want to medal at this one then I can finally retire from the sport with no regrets.

“He is the one who has helped me the most since I started wrestling and I only began winning matches once he started to coach me around 2007.

“I also want to do it for Arthur to prove all my hard work has paid off.”