MUMS have called for urgent improvement work to be carried out on a children’s play area.

Families living close to the park in Waggon Road, Breightmet, claim it is plagued with rusty equipment, graffiti and litter.

But Bolton Council insist the play area is inspected and cleared of rubbish “at least” once a week.

Joanne Hughes-Connolly, a mother-of-five who lives in Romiley Crescent, said: “We feel that our younger children are being discriminated against.

"The park is not fit to be used by children — the equipment’s rusty, the ropes are old, there’s been cement everywhere, the bin has had dog mess in it.

“We have hundreds of children on these streets and they’ve got just as much right as other children to have somewhere to play.

“I think the council should be more empathetic about this issue. I fear it’s going to take a catastrophic accident for something to be done.”

Kelly Craig, a mother-of-two, also of Romiley Crescent, praised the Waggon Road Young People Centre for helping residents clear up the park, but says the council should be taking a more pro-active role in keeping it tidy.

The 35-year-old said: “The park can’t be used by little ones — the play equipment doesn’t work. There’s a roundabout which doesn’t even go round and you have to stand behind children to push them up when they use the slide, because it’s so slippery.

“I live facing the park and I’ve never seen workmen come down and have a look at it.”

The council stressed £70,000 had been invested in refurbishing the multi-use games area at Waggon Road Young People’s Centre to improve recreational facilities in the area.

A spokesman said: “Unfortunately, the play area does suffer from occasional acts of vandalism and heavy littering. We would urge people to use the play area responsibly and use the bin provided.

“Whilst we try our best to repair damaged equipment there will be instances of rust, and wear and tear, as the play area has been there since 2005.”