A MUM was left “in a daze” after she scooped nearly £200,000 in a Lotto draw.

Suzanne Richards could soon be made redundant from her job at Morrisons — but now has her eye on a career makeover by setting up a mobile beautician’s business.

The 36-year-old’s Lucky Dip ticket matched five balls plus the bonus ball in the draw on Wednesday last week, winning £199,461 for her and partner Neil Hollows.

Miss Richards, from Breightmet, only started buying tickets regularly a few months ago when she opened an online Lotto account.

The couple are looking at buying a house and getting a new red Toyota Yaris for Miss Richards, who passed her driving test two weeks ago.

She said: “I’d just been on the phone to Neil and he said he hadn’t won and asked if I had.

“Then the phone went and I thought it was an insurance company as I’ve been trying to sort out a car policy.

“But it was Debbie from the Lottery and she said I’d won some money.

“I was convinced it was a wind-up and said to her ‘you’d better not be joking’.

“But then I checked online and the money was there.”

Miss Richards has been training to be a beautician and hopes her new venture can become a reality with some finance behind her.

The money could not have come at a better time for her or partner Mr Hollows, an HGV driver.

She said: “I went into work as usual, but was in a complete daze.

“I just had to keep reminding myself throughout the day what had happened that morning.

“I’ve no intention of leaving work, but they are having a management re- shuffle, so my job is not safe.”

Miss Richards is also hoping to fund the university fees for her son Kyle, aged 16.

She added: “He wants to be a rock star, but he’s going to study every aspect of music at college, so if he doesn’t make it as a rock star he’s going to be a music teacher.”

First the family are planning to enjoy a holiday during October half-term, perhaps after they have bought their new home.

Miss Richards said: “We’ll be able to get a mortgage for a new home, which is something I never thought would be possible — but we will be staying in Bolton.”