A FATHER and son have been living for a month with a hole in their kitchen ceiling — caused by a leak from the bathroom.

Brian Greenhalgh and his 16-year-old son Codey must contend with damp walls, torn plaster and exposed wires — and must go to Mr Greenhalgh’s father’s home in Darcy Lever to cook and to wash.

Despite plumbers and inspectors being sent to the Bolton at Home property in Goldrill Gardens, Breightmet, the gaping hole has yet to be repaired.

Mr Greenhalgh, aged 43, says that the house is “uninhabitable” and that the ordeal is making him ill.

He said: “I can’t keep going on like this. I had an ulcer six years ago and I still have to use a colostomy bag from then. The last thing I need is this stress and no hot water for a bath.

“The ceiling had been looking unsafe for a couple of months. My son and I were in the kitchen and he said he thought that the ceiling was going to fall through. I couldn’t believe it when it did.

“It’s been a month since it happened and all they’ve done is sent plumbers and inspectors and turned off the water in the bathroom. I just want my house back.”

A spokesman for Bolton at Home said: “We became aware of the extent of repairs required at Mr Greenhalgh’s home following inspection.

"A reccurring leak in the bathroom has damaged the flooring. We returned on Friday, August 1, to stop the leak and ensure it causes no further damage to the area under the bath.

“We’ve made sure that hot water is available from the basin taps.

“We’ll return early next week to follow-up on the repairs and we’ll address any further concerns that Mr Greenhalgh has.”