Commuters have welcomed a new pedestrian link between stations, which was originally promised almost two decades ago.  

The Ray Dudley Way footpath connecting Walthamstow Central and Queen's Road Overground station opened on Monday. 

Rail campaign groups, including the Barking to Gospel Oak Rail User Group (BGORUG), had long fought to get the pathway built after planning permission was agreed in 1996. 

It has been officially named in honour of local activist Mr Dudley after the BGORUG made the request to Waltham Forest Council last year.   

The average walking journey for people going between both stations prior to its opening was 10 to 15 minutes. It now just takes about two minutes to reach both platforms. 

Miggy Barradas, 48, of Northcote Road in Walthamstow, welcomed the new link. 

He said: "It's about bloody time.

"No one had been told it was open so this is great and will definitely be a lot more convenient."

Muhammad Mhamood, of Ringwood Road in Walthamstow, described the previous length of time to walk between the stations as a "headache". 

The 42-year-old said: "Every time it took 10 to 15 minutes and was giving people a headache.

"People would regularly come up to me and ask how to get to Walthamstow Central, at least now it's much easier."  

The building of a footpath between the two stations was first blocked 46 years ago by British Rail when they attempted to close Queen's Road station.

Walthamstow Central is on the line between Chingford and Liverpool Street, while Queen's Road is part of the line between Barking and Gospel Oak.