A BOLTON bakery has developed a “revolutionary” new snack — the tronut — a doughnut with a trifle filling.

Bosses at PoundBakery hope the hybrid treat will enjoy similar success to the cronut — half-croissant, half-doughnut — which took the baking world by storm last year.

The Bolton store’s new dessert is a six-inch sugared doughnut sponge crammed with a trifle filling.

The culinary creation — which unsurprisingly costs £1 — was invented by baker John Wallock.

He said: “I spotted children at a family party scooping the trifle into the middle of a ring doughnut and wondered if they were on to something.

“Getting the composition right was tough — if it was too wet the doughnut would collapse on the go, if it was too dry then it wouldn’t have the delicious trifleness that we all love.

“It is great to see so many customers keen to get their hands on it.”

Other hybrid pastries include the wonut, which is half-waffle, half-doughnut.

Bakers Greggs has also sold the Greggsnut — its own take on the cronut — but the snack was only sold in London.

Verdict: ‘It’s Delicious’

THE Bolton News sent reporter Liam Thorp to the bakery to sample the tronut. Here is his verdict — complete with woeful puns.

“At first I thought the tronut might be a trifle much for me to handle, but it turned out to be delicious.

"I brought a few back to The Bolton News office and they were all gone in minutes — dough-not get in the way of a hungry reporter...”