A POLICE crackdown has seen more than 10 drivers caught using a mobile phone behind the wheel or wearing no seatbelt.

The traffic operation in Deane Road was carried out by police officers and traffic police following on from residents’ concerns about drivers using mobile phones.

Police spent the day looking out for drivers flouting the rules of the road and issued traffic offence reports to those caught breaking the law and gave advice to some drivers.

Several people caught not wearing a seatbelt said they were “busy” and some people on mobile phones initially thought they were not breaking the law by having the device on loud speaker in their hands or on their lap.

Motorists were pulled in and spoken to in Washington Street, Deane.

Sgt Andrea Ennis, from Bolton Central Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Today’s operation follows on from members of the public complaining about inappropriate driving such as speeding on Deane Road.

“We have been educating drivers about road safety to help prevent crashes. I think most of the drivers stopped have learned their lessons.

“As a neighbourhood we will tackle any issues raised by members of the public.”

Those stopped were issued with traffic offence reports which will be sent to a central ticket office where the drivers’ history behind the wheel will be reviewed and if eligible they will be offered an awareness course or pay a fine for a greater fee and be issued with penalty points.

People who fail to respond or deny the offences will be summonsed to magistrates court.

The operation was part of a week of action in Daubhill and Deane which has seen police carry out a drugs warrant in Shumer Street, Daubhill, working alongside immigration officers to carry out checks for illegal workers in takeaways and speak to residents about their crime concerns.

Several of the people stopped said they had previously had driving points on their licences.

One man was breathalyse after an officer smelled alcohol on his breath. He had been drinking alcohol but was under the legal drink driving limit.

Sgt Ennis said: “Some people don’t even realise that having a mobile phone in their hand while driving is an offence. Having points on your licence can impact your car insurance or even your job.

“It is incredible how many people still don’t wear seatbelts when they are putting their lives and others’ at risk.”

The operation comes after police across the borough joined forces with the fire service, Bolton Council of Mosques and the fire service to run a drive safe campaign at different mosques in Bolton to encourage safer driving.