A FAMILY law firm which prides itself on family values.

That’s Asons Solicitors which provides first-class legal assistance across range of personal claim-related work. Established in 2008, and located in Bark Street, Bolton, the firm concentrated on expansion from an early stage, with a focus on recruiting talented key personnel.

A dedication to exceptional customer service, diversity among several types of legal claims and a rapidly growing reputation as a key local employer has meant that not only has Asons needed to expand, but has also become an attractive employer. The firm can boast to be one of Bolton’s largest employers on a single site, outside the public sector, with a 306-strong staff.

The law firm was launched by the Akram family, which had already proved their business acumen with their first venture in 2001, which was the opening of a post office.

After initially opening the law firm in Chorley New Road, the business extended to a next-door property. Switching from property conveyancing to personal injury was a key strategy in this growth.

Over the years, Asons has established itself as one of the UK’s leading solicitors in the field of personal injury and is emerging as a potent legal force in the areas of industrial disease and medical negligence.

And the future looks equally bright. Senior executive Justin Richards has disclosed that staff numbers will soar to 600 once Asons moves into its new £7 million offices in Bolton town centre.

He added: “Within five years, we aim to expand into more diverse legal sectors such as energy and commercial law and into global territories.”