A MOTHER died after swallowing a concoction of tablets with a can of lager and telling her girlfriend “when I take these, I won’t wake up again”, an inquest heard.

But Coroner Alan Walsh recorded a verdict of misdadventure after hearing evidence from Heidi Burke's family, partner Wendy Torkington and medical professionals that she had no history of self-harming.

He described her actions as "an act of drama". 

Miss Burke died aged 30 at the Royal Bolton Hospital on June 8 after being taken by ambulance from her home in Fearnhead Close, Farnworth.

She had a cardiac arrest after being found slumped in the bathroom by Miss Torkington.

The inquest was told the couple, whose relationship was described as “volatile”, had been drinking heavily the previous evening.

Miss Burke had also consumed prescribed and over-the-counter medication, including paracetamol and anti-depressants, as well as methodone.

Dr Patrick Waugh, a consultant at the Royal Bolton, said Miss Burke died from “combined drug toxicity”.

Miss Torkington said the couple had rowed but she had gone to see her to make up on June 7. She said: “She was already drunk when I got there and we both carried on drinking.

“Suddenly she grabbed a big handful of tablets and put them in her mouth and picked up a can of lager and swallowed them.

“She said ‘when I take these I won’t wake up again’.”

The pair went to bed and Miss Burke woke up the next morning and left the bedroom.

Miss Torkington, who said her girlfriend’s last words to her were “I love you Wendy”, fell asleep again.

She woke up two hours later, searched the house for Miss Burke and found her slumped on the toilet, with “blue lips”.

Miss Torkington called an ambulance, but efforts to resuscitate at the hospital her were unsuccessful.

Dr Waugh said the levels of certain substances in her system made him believe she had taken more tablets on the morning of her death.

The court heard Miss Burke had been treated for a drug addiction and for an alcohol problem.

She began drinking again while on a trip to Las Vegas in February for a friend’s wedding, when she drank champagne while flying business class.

She had told her sister, Michelle Yates, who was with her on the trip, that she would not be able to visit Vegas without drinking.

Miss Burke leaves a son Kane, aged 13, mother Christine Schofield and stepfather Paul Schofield.

Coroner Mr Walsh said: “I have no evidence from family, Miss Torkington or professionals that she was someone who would want to take her own life.

“This act of drama was to create an impression with Miss Torkington. I am satisfied she committed a deliberate act by taking the tablets.”