A MUCH-LOVED voice of hospital radio has left a lasting legacy at the Royal Bolton.

Jim Wells, who had been president of Bolton Lions five time, died aged 80 in January.

For 30 years Mr Wells had been a dedicated volunteer at the hospital radio station – combining his love of music and desire to help others.

And as a final gesture to the station, Mr Wells left more than £4,000 in his will to purchase state-of-the art radio equipment.

John Fairhurst, of Bolton Lions, said: “Jim was a terrific bloke and he loved the radio station.

“His final generous gesture to the hospital was typical of him.”

The station’s base has been officially renamed The Jim Wells Suite.

David Wakefield, chairman of the Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Being in hospital is usually a difficult time for everyone and, without the services of our volunteers, the experience of our patients would not be nearly as good as it is.

“Jim Wells was known for his enthusiasm and energy and the service he provided brightened the day for his many listeners.

“We are immensely grateful for the help he gave all of us during a magnificent 27 years of voluntary work.

“He made a big impact on the lives of countless patients and his kind donation has now ensured that the Bolton Lions can continue to provide a super hospital radio service.

“We will be forever indebted to him and we share in his family’s pride at the legacy he has left us all.”