A GROUP of Bolton at Home tenants are preparing to take to the airwaves with a play about issues surrounding the “bedroom tax”.

The drama group, Dramatic Action, consists of residents and customers who use Bolton at Home facilities, and was formed in 2011 as a different means of communicating and consulting with tenants.

They perform dramatic works that touch on social issues affecting themselves and other Bolton at Home customers.

Their latest effort focuses on the government’s controversial “bedroom tax” and has been prepared in unison with community radio station, Bolton FM.

The tax was introduced by the government in April 2013 and has seen social sector tenants with rooms deemed to be “spare” facing reduced housing benefit.

Val Hulme, who runs Dramatic Action, said: “We always like to focus on things that are key social issues of the moment and the bedroom tax is a big issue for many of our tenants.

“The group came up with the idea themselves, because either themselves or their friends have been affected and they wanted to do something about it.”

The play was written by Bolton University student Tony Sabanskis, aged 42, who specifically created the piece for Bolton at Home.

He said: “I had worked with Dramatic Action before so it happened naturally.

“I knew a fair bit about the bedroom tax, but Bolton at Home staff were able to help me with some of the finer points about it. I tried to make the play quite light and amusing at times to capture people’s attention. I can’t wait to hear it on the radio.”

Cast member Audrey Denton, aged 70 said: “It is a really good way of getting an important message out there.

“I think you can do more with a 30-minute piece of drama than with a whole day of meetings. It really brings the issue home.”

The play, which is about a family threatened with eviction, will be first aired on Bolton FM on Tuesday, between 11am and 1pm, and will then be repeated on the Bolton at Home show, which is broadcast on the station. This can be located on 96.5 fm every Thursday, from 3pm until 6pm.