A POPULAR town centre pub has been ransacked by burglars just days after a car smashed into it leaving the landlord homeless.

Thieves struck at the Dog and Partridge Pub in Manor Street overnight on Saturday stealing about £1,000 worth of equipment.

Landlord Neil Piper said he has been left devastated by the burglary which he discovered when he returned to the pub on Saturday morning.

Thieves ransacked the cellar after climbing over two gates taking power tools, bottles of beers and mountain bikes.

They also wrecked a gazebo erected in the beer garden.

Mr Piper said: "I discovered I had been burgled when I saw the cellar doors open.

"I am devastated. I have been keeping it together after the crash but this is kicking a man when he is down.

"They have targeted the pub because of the crash, they knew the pub was empty, they knew what they were doing.

"They went into parts of the pub that I have not been allowed into to take stuff out because it is not safe.

"They even used my power tools to get out."

Following the burglary, Mr Piper put a message on Facebook asking for help to remove valuables from the pub and about 40 people turned up to help.

He said: "Some of the people who turned up on Saturday I barely know. They are customers and some have offered to store the stuff at their house.

"People have been so supportive."

Mr Piper, aged 34, added: "I would ask anyone who saw anything to contact the police and if anybody has been offered a yellow Dewalt circular saw, a black Bosch power drill, and a three metre by three metre gazebo to also contact the police.

"People walk down the street in the early hours as they leave nightclubs and someone may have seen something."

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: "A burglary at the Dog and Partridge Pub on Manor Street was reported at 10.23am on Saturday.

"It happened between 8pm on Friday and 10am Saturday.

"Two bikes and some tools were stolen.

"Enquiries are ongoing."