Band name: Storytellers, a four-piece from around Manchester

When and where did you form?

Jake & I (Shaun) met at a Blossoms gig at the Roadhouse in Manchester around this time last year. I think the notion of starting up a band together came about quite quickly, we both played guitar and thought we’d see what we could come up with. I went away and wrote some tunes and told Jake to be on the look-out for a bassist as I'd already had this drummer in mind called Asa. I found him stuck to a radiator in a flat in Levenshulme, obviously he was perfect. It wasn’t before long Jake met Sam whilst out in town one night and asked him on the spot to play bass for us and that was the line-up sorted.

What is your sound and who are your influences?

We are all pretty influenced mutually, it tends to be a blend of sounds which is always good so we don’t portray a one-trick pony. We mainly listen to Bowie, The Stones, The Beatles, The Pogues and The Smiths and anything else of that calibre really.

What is the biggest gig you have played to date?

We’ve spent most of the last six months mainly rehearsing and we only did our first show last week so the next couple of gigs are merely an appetiser for what the majority of next year is going to be about.

If you are not already, is it your ambition to become professional?

To do this professionally would be nice but, for me personally, it’s all about doing it for the love of playing music where or whenever it may be, so we don’t anticipate it too much but we certainly wouldn’t argue with the chance to play our tunes for a living.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I’ll be 36 so I’d like to think I’ll have a mortgage, at least! But on the whole it would be nice if the four of us are all playing music together successfully.

Is there anything unusual or interesting about the band?

Sam can unicycle and Asa is somewhat related to Pat Butcher.

Upcoming gigs?

Tomorrow night — Blind Tiger, Nelson Square, Bolton, appearing with Blossoms