HOLLYWOOD star Sylvester Stallone recreated a famous scene from the iconic boxing film Rocky... on the steps of Bolton Town Hall.

Stallone, aged 68, scaled the steps in a black military style beret and vest featuring the Warburtons logo for a television advert.

The Bolton-based bread firm recently made the A-lister the star of its new advertising campaign.

Bolton was temporarily transformed into the Philadelphia Museum of Art, in the US, where the original scene representing Rocky Balboa's ascent as the underdog rising to the challenge was filmed.

His surprise appearance was kept under wraps by bosses, but left bystanders in Victoria Square on Saturday morning gobsmacked when they realised who the "camouflaged" star was.

Stallone was filmed leading a crowd of people running up the steps of the town hall, holding a loaf of bread in each hand for the advert.

The advertising campaign is set to hit TV screens later this year, in which company chairman Jonathan Warburton also gets a slice of the action.