MEET the young delegates who are taking their campaign to end the captivity of Orca whales to the European Parliament.

Ten year six pupils from Devonshire Road Primary School in Heaton will be travelling to Brussels in May to lobby MEPs to highlight the plight of killer whales and dolphins kept in captivity.

The Born Free Foundation approached the youngsters to be part of their activities in getting MEPs to discuss a resolution to stop the process.

The children started their campaign after being inspired by the film documentary Blackfish and were invited to the European Parliament after contacting local North West MEPs.

They wrote a poem and a video recording of children reciting it has gone viral as well as being translated into French. The poem will be recited in front of MEPs.

Year six teacher Simon Hunt said: “We drew the names of the children out a hat.

“At the first the idea was to pick the children who had worked exceptionally hard — but all their work has been exceptional and this was the fairest way of doing it.

“The really nice thing was the children who were not picked were really happy for those who were and we will Skype the class while we are there so they know what we are doing.”

Mr Hunt said that the project not only gave children’s writing a real purpose but has empowered them to know that at a young age they can make a difference.

And thanks to the children and the contacts they have made with their local MEPs, Born Free Foundation will have a meeting with one of the MEPs — as they will.

Year six pupil Alexis Massey said: “I am so excited about going to the European Parliament. I never thought we would have this chance to do something so amazing.”

Fellow classmate Zena Robson added: “I can’t wait to meet the Born Free people, who have been really helpful, and perform our poems live to hundreds of people from all over the world.”

Jasmine Ahmad, also in year six, said: “I definitely think that young people can make a difference.

“Our poetry videos have had thousands of view, even our French has had something like 45,000 views, we saw pictures of children in French schools watching it!! It proves that even children our age can help make a difference in the world

Classmate Hashim Iltaf added: “Lots of people are listening to us, but what is more important is that what we are doing could change the lives of captive Orcas, they deserve to be free, just like us.”