A BUSY junction in Farnworth has been branded "mad" because the siting of double yellow lines is too close to the crossroads.

Plans were put forward to introduce double yellow lines on both sides of Bentley Street in 2012.

It is understood that councillors originally intended to have double yellow lines all the way down that side of Bentley Street but were willing to accommodate Jaguar's request for parking provision on the basis of helping businesses thrive.

But the Jaguar garage opposite voiced concerns during a public consultation, and asked for one side of the street to be open for their customers to use for parking.

Residents say that the parked cars are now too close to the junction with Bolton Road, which heightens the risk of a crash as cars turn into the side street.

They say traffic is building up at rush hour because Bentley Street is too narrow to accommodate two lanes of traffic, and the row of parked cars.

Bolton Council said the line length was reduced following a public consultation and that the current layout was in accordance with standard practices.

The law states that double yellow lines can stop only 15 metres from the corner — a regulation Bentley Street complies with.

Denise Bridgford says she lives nearby and drives down Bentley Street regularly.

She said: "It is a mad situation and somebody is going to get hurt at some stage.

"I'm not going to go through a red light to let traffic through but that is what this arrangement is causing.

"The parked cars are causing an obstruction and there is only room for one lane of traffic now.

"When it's busy cars are just not able to get through and the queues go on to Bolton Road.

"I have nearly been hit twice before driving up Bentley Street by cars swinging in from Bolton Road and then not being able to get through.

"It just seems that when a big company such as Jaguar wants something, they will get their own way, at whatever cost."

A council spokesman said: “Double yellow lines were proposed at the junction of Bentley Street and Bolton Road in 2012 at the request of local councillors.

"Following public consultation, the line length was reduced, and is in accordance with standard practices.

"The lines are in place to protect the junction from vehicles parking and obstructing traffic entering and leaving."

The ownership of the Jaguar garage has changed since the double yellow lines were introduced in 2012.

The current bosses said it would not be appropriate for them to comment on the concerns raised by motorists.