REPAIR work has started on a health centre targeted by arsonists on Tuesday.

It is expected to be the middle of next week before Halliwell Health and Children's Centre can re-open.

Managers and staff have been working hard to find alternative locations for as many services as possible, and to keep patients and parents informed.

The cost of the damage and when repairs will be completed is not yet known.

Fire ripped through a doctors office at around 2am on Tuesday. A hole was cut in a wire-reinforced window by the arsonists who stole a computer then set the room alight before fleeing.

Staff had to reschedule more than 400 appointments. A decision on when the centre, based in Aylesford Walk, can re-open will be made on Monday.

The Primary Care Trust's Assistant Director for Children's Services, Kathy Rowlands said: "Staff at other PCT health centres, GP surgeries, special schools and Surestart centres have all been really helpful in finding space for our services to relocate.

The following numbers have been issued to patients of the centre who need help: Children's Services - 01204 529381; dental - 01204 360015; podiatry - 01204 384355; family planning - 01204 390771.