A FANTASMAGORICAL piece of machinery wings its way in to carry the stars of a school production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The 8ft car is a replica of the one made famous by Dick Van Dyke's inventor character in the classic film.

The creators of the Bolton version have grafted for months to produce the car, which started life as a bedroom door.

Using hardboard, flowerpots, tin cans and foil, four scout leaders spent four months making the car for children at St Stephen's Primary School, in Kearsley.

The team of men combined their skills as a fitter, an electrician, a car mechanic and a metal worker to build the car at the 24th Farnworth St Stephen's scout hut, next door to the Bent Spur Road schoold.

The 201 youngsters who are starring in their stage version of the 1968 musical are delighted with the prop, which moves on casters and features working headlights and extendable wings.

Creator Ken Savage, aged 53, whose wife is St Stephen's deputy head, said: "It was great to see how impressed the kids were when they saw the finished thing.

"It required a lot of imagination and hard work in our spare time but it was enjoyable to make. I'm looking forward to seeing the play."

Three sell-out performances are being staged in the school hall. The first was on Tuesday and it will also be performed tonight and tomorrow.

Year Six pupils take the lead parts in the story about an eccentric professor, Caractacus Potts, who transforms an old banger into a flying car, named Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Accompanied by heiress, Truly Scrumptious, the professor and his two children enjoy adventures in the machine.

Mrs Savage, said: "We needed the car to be built in a professional manner and the kids think it is absolutely great.

"Some of them helped to wheel it into the hall and they were singing songs from the show as it arrived. We're hoping it can be re-used by another show or dance studio."