TEENAGE louts and street drinkers are being targeted in a crackdown on crime by police in Astley Bridge.

Residents and business owners around the Holland Street and Blackburn Road areas have complained that the surrounding streets have become a haven for yobs at weekends.

Officers have promised to use powers to seize alcohol from gangs and issue warnings and good behaviour contracts to louts.

Mobile CCTV units will be brought into the area to gather evidence against troublemakers.

PC Graham Neill said: "Although there has been no serious incidents in this area, we are aware that residents feel intimidated and we have the powers to deal with these youngsters.

"Over the next few weeks, we will be using stop and account' powers to find out exactly who they are and where they come from.

"Anybody who is involved in causing problems risks being made the subject of an Acceptable Behaviour Contact or arrest."

PC Neill said there had been a small number of cases of minor damage reported in the area.

Police will also work with Trading Standards officers from Bolton Council to target rogue off-licences who sell booze to under-18s in the area.

Any adults who buy drink for children will be given £80 on-the-spot-fines.