POLICE have issued another warning to motorists defrosting their vehicles in the cold winter mornings after a car was stolen in Bolton.

A yellow Mini Cooper, registration VA02 UZG, was stolen from the Bradshaw area at around 7am on Tuesday.

The owner had left the car on the drive with the engine running, waiting for the windows to defrost, when they heard the vehicle reversing and saw it being driven away.

The thief was a white male in his early 20s with a shaven head, wearing dark clothes and a black turtle neck fleece.

A further 19 vehicles were stolen across Greater Manchester on Tuesday and Wednesday.

All the vehicles were stolen when the drivers left them unattended with the keys in the ignition and engines running.

A variety of vehicles have been stolen, including a Toyota Corolla, BMW, Mercedes, Ford Mondeo, Citroen C3 and a Ford transit van.

Chief Inspector Haydn Roberts, of Greater Manchester Police's traffic network section, said: "People can be tempted to leave their car engine running on a frosty morning while they keep nice and warm inside their house.

"However, it only takes a few seconds for a thief to steal a car when the keys have been left in the ignition.

"It is not only high-powered vehicles that are targeted and so our advice to all drivers is to stay in their vehicle when defrosting and if at any time they need to leave the car, to make sure they lock it, remove any valuables and take the keys with them."

Insurance firms also warned they may not pay out if vehicles are stolen after being left with the keys in the ignition.