A FORMER magistrate has been ordered to pay back the £120,000 he stole to give to a vice girl he was infatuated with.

Michael Lee was supposed to have banked the cash for his boss.

Instead, he gave it to the prostitute and, in November, he was jailed for two years.

The judge had heard how Lee,aged 59, of Shorefield Mount, Bromley Cross, used his knowledge of accountancy to swindle the cash from Alec's Three Piece Suites in Great Lever over five years.

He had already spent £161,000 of his savings on the woman, as well as £60,000 he borrowed on credit cards.

At Bolton Crown Court, Judge Martin Allweis imposed an order under the Proceeds of Crime Act that Lee should pay Alec Bromley all of the £120,000.

Under the Proceeds of Crime Act, Lee must pay within six months or his sentence will be increased by two years.

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