WHEN in Bolton the weather is not all doom and gloom - as the Met Office say this weekend will be warmer than Rome.

After a snowy start to the week, Bolton will have a much warmer weekend, with highs of 13 degrees on Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, the Italian capital, Rome, is forecast to experience temperatures of 12 degrees at the same time.

In Bolton, a cloudy start to Saturday with temperature highs of seven degrees will become milder throughout the day, weather experts say, with the sun breaking through from 9am in most areas.

Clear skies are forecast at 3pm, with cooler temperatures of eight degrees going into Saturday night.

Tomorrow will feel breezy with winds strengthening throughout the day to highs of 12mph, the Met Office says.

While most places will stay dry, the odd spot of rain and drizzle is possible, but the day will remain mild with brighter spells and highs of 12 degrees.

Sunday will be much cooler with temperatures dropping to nine degrees with wind and rain forecast which will become more persistent throughout the day spreading East through Monday.