A CUTE little cocker spaniel with the most appealing eyes has a new nickname.

This is cheeky looking Mini whose owners have dubbed her Mini the Minx because of her recent exploits.

She is soon to reach the age of 12 weeks and is starting to really find her feet in the Raby household in Halliwell.

"We are trying to stop her nipping at our ankles — it's a real problem when I come in from work wearing tights as I get holes in them," laughs 43-year-old Andrea Raby who adds that she can cope with the holes in her slippers.

Mini — who as you can see from the photograph is a real "super hero" to the family — has just enjoyed her very first walk.

"We went to Moss Bank Park and she met her first dog. She was thrilled to meet him but he was an old dog and not very happy to have Mini wanting to play with him," says Andrea.

Andrea, husband Philip and daughters Candice, aged 22 and Bethany, aged 17, were recovering from the loss of their previous much-loved cocker spaniel, earlier this year, when they decided to get Mini.

"I had said no more dogs as I found it so upsetting but the other three persuaded me and I'm so glad they did," says Andrea.

Mini is currently being toilet trained and is looking forward to more walks which will most probably be in Queens Park as it is near to home, explains Andrea.

Because she is still a puppy Mini does a lot of sleeping, then has a "mad dash round", before falling asleep again.

"She is a little monkey but she's our baby and we love her to bits," says Andrea.

As you can see from the photograph she does not mind dressing up and the Raby family feel this costume explains exactly how special she is to them.

"She is our little super hero and we would not be without her," adds Andrea.