POLICE and crime commissioner Tony Lloyd joined Greater Manchester Police in celebrating the success of women in policing on International Women’s Day.

The day — which is celebrated around the world today — recognises women’s achievements and highlights the continued struggle for equal rights and equality for women.

There are more than 4,700 female officers and staff in GMP.

Mr Lloyd said: “Women have always played a vital role in policing Greater Manchester.

"The country’s first known female sworn-in police constable served in Greater Manchester, and today four of Greater Manchester Police’s eight-strong command team are women — and rightly so.

“International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the valuable contribution women make to local policing and I hope this serves as an inspiration to other women and young girls who have aspirations to work in policing and make a difference in the community.”

One such officer is PC Linda Carrington, whose daughter Elaine was sworn in with Greater Manchester Police earlier this week.

PC Carrington has served with GMP for 23 years, working as a response officer in Wigan, and has seen first hand how policing has changed over two decades.

Now Miss Carrington, who has worked as a custody detention officer for six years and a special constable in Bolton for the last four, is looking forward to following in her mum’s footsteps.

“My mum loves her job and has told me many stories of her time as a police officer," she said.

“She is making a real difference in the community and that’s what inspired me to also become a police officer.

"One day I hope to demonstrate the courage and strength that my mum has shown me and make the family proud.”

More than 1,900 GMP officers, 326 PCSOs and more than 2,000 staff work in roles ranging from call handlers to custody officers to chief superintendents.

More than 180 women also volunteer their time as special constables.

Mr Lloyd added: “That we have thousands of successful women in GMP, with many in senior ranks, is testament to their skills and dedication to working with local people and building safer communities.

"It also shows how much the police service has changed.

"It’s no secret that historically the police service was a very male-dominated profession, but we have come a long way and in Greater Manchester we are committed to ensuring that the police service reflects the communities it serves.”

International Women’s Day was established in 1911.

This year’s theme – Breaking Through – celebrates and recognises the achievements of women who have succeeded against the odds.