A RARE European Eagle owl said to be on the loose in Heaton has been spotted again.

And birdwatcher, Bob Maxwell, says the bird has been at large in the area for at least seven weeks.

The bird of prey does not live naturally in the UK and is believed to have escaped captivity.

It was seen last Monday perching on the top of a chimney in Fifth Avenue, Heaton, by Bolton Museum worker, Pete Liptrot.

It was spotted again on Thursday in a large tree in Albert Road, Heaton.

But Birdwatcher Bob Maxwell said he saw the bird in December being "mobbed" by crows in a tree in Kinloch Drive, Heaton.

"It has been around for about seven weeks. I reported it to the RSPB in Bolton and they think it has probably escaped. I knew what kind of bird it was because I have seen them abroad and in captivity."

It is thought the large bird of prey could be a danger to small pets. There are around 2,000 in captivity.

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