IT is not unknown for television viewers to nod off watching the box — but Tonge Moor receptionist Leonie Hindley had a snooze while starring in a show.

For the 28-year-old is a contestant in new quiz show You're Back in the Room which sees participants hypnotised before attempting to carry out simple challenges to win cash prizes.

The first show in the series, hosted by Phillip Schofield, will be shown on March 14 —and Mrs Hindley takes centre stage.

She said: "I have always wanted to be hypnotised because I am a bit of a sceptic to hypnotism so that was the main reason for me going for it.

"I just thought no one can make me do something I don't want to do, but how wrong I was."

In the first episode audiences will see her try to perform tasks such as making a clay model, blowing up balloons, and transferring a jug of gravy from one side of the room to the other.

And although the tasks appear simple, the powers of hypnosis soon start to sabotage the team's chances of winning.

The first time game show contestant added: "We had to play games under hypnosis and you kind of knew you were in a game and knew you had to do something but I just felt like I was in a bit of a dream but a dream I could remember.

"On one of the games they hypnotised me to feel like I was on a boat so I was just swaying everywhere and another one we had to create clay models but I had been hypnotised to think that the clay smelled like dog mess so I was really trying my best to win but the smell was just awful and I didn't want to touch it.

"We had to blow up balloons for one of the tasks but I was hypnotised to be a balloon artist so I was stood there making creative balloon animals and another player had been hypnotised to pop the balloons so we were all sabotaging each other.

"I have no idea how Phil carried on with the show because we were just out of control but he was really professional and the hypnotist Keith Barry was really great too.

"After the show we got to go in a room and watch the show back and I was so shocked about what I was doing but the most shocking bit was when I was actually put under hypnosis and actually going to sleep because I don't remember that at all."

Host Phillip Schofield said: “It’s incredibly exciting to be launching a completely fresh, brand new format. This series is totally original and unlike anything I’ve ever hosted before. From making the pilot, the contestants are undoubtedly the stars of the show; their reactions are bizarre, hilarious, completely unpredictable and always thoroughly entertaining.”

You're Back In The Room will start at 8.30pm on Saturday on ITV.