A MOBILE phone mast is to be erected at Deane Golf Club despite objections from residents.

The 15 metre high Hutchison 3G mast at the course off Broadford Road has been approved by Bolton Council's planning and highways committee.

The company says the mast is necessary because phone signals in the area are currently of poor quality.

The application met international radiation guidelines but four residents had objected to the mast, raising fears over the possible health impact.

One, Anne Atherton, of Ashcott Close, said there were already masts nearby in Junction Road West, Beaumont Road and Broadgate Farm. "This proposed installation would significantly increase the radiation level," she said.

Cllrs David Wilkinson and Andy Morgan also cited concerns at a meeting of Bolton Council's planning and highways committee.

Cllr Wilkinson objected because the scheme will involve trimming the tops of trees, while Cllr Morgan said it could pose a risk to children at nearby Ladybridge Primary.

Other members disagreed however and the mast was voted through.

Cllr Bob Allen said: "We're not allowed to take health into consideration and it's green open space rather than green belt land."