IN her short life, Willow the kitten has been through a tough time after being found dumped as a stray with a broken pelvis — and she needs your help to get back on her tiny feet.

The four-month-old tabby could barely stand when she was taken in by staff at Queens Park Vets last Monday(MAR 30) who instantly fell in love with her.

Determined to get her mended, they approached kind surgeon Donald Sheahan from Dogwood Vets in Sale who said he would perform the operation for free if his staff costs and expenses of £1,000 could be covered, so the Chorley New Road vets set up a Go Fund Me page for people who would like to donate to the furry cause.

The three-hour operation, which normally costs £2,500, was carried out on Thursday and Willow is recovering well, although she will need physiotherapy.

Once she has built up her strength she will be re-homed.

Owner Lisa Edwards said: "She is doing well after the operation but we are going to have to do physiotherapy on her because her left leg is more damaged that we originally thought and she's struggling a bit.

"Hopefully in time though she should be as good as new. She is so young and this is a big operation for such a little kitten to go through.

"She is on cage rest for the next two weeks while we do the physio and hopefully she will recover.

"Aside from that she is purring her little head off and wolfing down her food, which is a good sign.

"We are so grateful to Don at Dogwood Vets for giving up his own time to help Willow out. He worked a full day then spent about three or four hours on Willow so didn't finish until 8pm.

"We just need to raise £1,000 to cover costs now before we re-home her. She deserves some happiness after what she's been through."

Surgeon Mr Sheahan added: "Due to my love of all things great and small, when Lisa asked for my help I couldn't say no.

"This is a major operation for such a youngster but hopefully she will recover well."

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