MEET Concerned Kitten — the moggy with eyebrows who is set to become the next Grumpy Cat.

The eight-week-old kitty already has his own Facebook page with hundreds of "likes".

The super cute cat was born with what looked like raised eyebrows — and owners Andy and Caroline Entwistle decided to name him Gary after Take That star Gary Barlow.

The Facebook page follows the tiny terror as he goes about his daily life in Bolton.

Gary was one of four kittens born to the Entwistles' two-year-old cat, Luna, who is "a dalmatian cat" — white with black spots.

Although they rehomed two of the kittens they could not part with little Gary or his sister, Amy, who has mobility issues.

"His eyebrows move all over the place when he's singing so Andy decided it was the perfect name for our kitten," says 45-year-old Caroline.

"We decided we wanted to keep them both," says Caroline.

Gary is a real hit with Caroline and Andy's children, Eden, three, Arlen who is four, six-year-old Caelen and Carys aged 18.

He has really made himself at home with the family in Breightmet running up the furniture and diving on his mum and sister.

He particularly enjoys chasing his mum's tail.

This little bundle of fun, who is eight weeks old now, is all white apart from his eyebrows and a black tail so has particularly unusual markings.

"He's really cute and we love him to bits," added Caroline.

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