YOU might not recognise radio DJ Rob Charles — but his voice has been heard by millions on Peter Kay's sitcom Car Share.

He is the breakfast presenter of Mike and his Morning Muesli on Forever FM, which plays in the car as supermarket workers John, played by Kay, and Kayleigh, played by Sian Gibson, who have been paired up in their company's car pool scheme, make their way to work.

Mr Charles has been inundated with requests to get the popular fictional station on air – and has had endorsements from the show's fans — which include Gary Barlow.

The Take That star tweeted: "Loving Peter Kay's Car share #bbc1 can't wait for next week's #foreverfm."

Mr Charles, who works at 107 The Bee which broadcasts in East Lancashire, said: "The reaction to the show has been great, and I've had loads of positive messages from people on Twitter.

"I actually recorded my part in March 2013, but because the station plays timeless classics it didn't matter that it aired so much later.

"I was really surprised when I watched the show just how prominent I am in some parts, such as the regular features like 'guess the year'. I didn't watch the show until it was available on iPlayer so all I knew about was what I'd recorded. I think the show is brilliant."

The six-part show broke iPlayer records when it was uploaded in its entirety before it was broadcast on BBC1.

Mr Charles, who lives in Chorley, said: "I didn't know at the time that it was Peter Kay's new show until the first recording, so it was a big surprise when someone mentioned it.

"I was asked to audition and all I was told that it was going to be like the Royle Family but only set in a car, with my show playing in the background.

"I read the script and recorded it in two afternoons. The songs I also recorded around my links, which I loved. So many of the songs, such as the Mock Turtles' Can You Dig It I hadn't heard for ages. Some are cheesy but they're classics, and bring back lots of memories."

Car Share is available on BBC iPlayer or on Wednesday nights at 9.30pm.