MEET Bolton's answer to magic man Dynamo.

Lorenzo Carcione may only be 15, but he already has a host of impressive tricks up his sleeve.

The Thornleigh School pupil has been doing magic tricks since the age of four, inspired by brother Giuseppe who was trained by the Modern Mystic League's Norman Greenhalgh.

Lorenzo remembers being mesmerised watching his older brother do a trick where he made a note magically float.

Around that time, he found a box of magic tricks in his father's garage and started looking through it, working out how to do the tricks.

Now, following in his brother's footsteps, he is also mentored by Mr Greenhalgh and was named last year's Modern Mystic League Junior Magician of the Year.

He enjoys animal magic tricks and has four doves and a rabbit who regularly appear in his routines.

He said: "I do a manipulation act where I produce and make doves and rabbits disappear.

"I also do close-up magic, going to tables showing people tricks.

"I do want to make a career out of it.

"I don't know what, cruise ships or TV or going around doing shows."

At the age of 11, he entered a magic competition at Horwich RMI, Ramsbottom Road, with older and more experienced magicians.

In the audience was a member of the Modern Mystic League — the Blackburn and District Society of Magicians which was founded in 1914.

Thanks to his skills, Lorenzo was invited to join the group, which holds regular lectures, workshops and presentations and insists members guard the secrets of the art of magic.

He recently wowed members of Turton Rotary Club with a crowd-pleasing and mesmerising performance of his tricks at one of the group's get-togethers.

Proud mum Caroline, of Astley Bridge, said: "Lorenzo is brilliant, he is totally dedicated to what he does.

"He had this flair for it and they decided that Norman was going to take him under his wing and mentor him, like he had done his brother.

"Norman is probably one of the best magicians ever."

Lorenzo is a fan of Paul Daniels, who he met recently, but his inspirations — as well as mentor Mr Greenhalgh — include fellow mystic league members Brian Sefton and Donald (the Average) Monk.

Lorenzo regularly performs at events at his school, charity shows, at Astley Bridge British Legion, Belmont Road and recently took part in a showcase at Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre, ahead of a production of The Little Shop of Horrors.