YOUNGSTERS “brushed up” on their dental hygiene knowledge during National Smile Month.

Children at schools and nurseries around Bolton had the chance to climb aboard the Brush Bus and learn about the importance of taking care of their teeth during a fun and educational activity day.

The oral health team from Bolton NHS Foundation Trust visited schools and nurseries including Haslam Park School, Masefield School, the Alexandra Nursery and the High Meadows Nursery to promote good oral hygiene and tackle the rate of tooth decay among nursery children in the borough.

The activities coincided with National Smile Month, which is a national campaign organised by the British Dental Health Foundation and aims to make a positive difference to the oral health of people across the country.

There was also a celebration at the Wellbeing Farm to mark the 10th birthday of the Bolton Brush Bus, which is frequently used in the borough to help kids get in the routine of brushing their teeth.

Amy Greenhalgh is a reception teacher at Haslam Park, she said: “This was the first time that we have got involved with the Bus Brush and I think it is a really good way of getting kids in the routine of brushing their teeth regularly.

“They have little toothbrushes sitting in the bus and every day after dinner the children come in and we sing a special song and all brush our teeth together.

“They absolutely love it — I often have children coming up to me asking when they can brush their teeth, which is great.”

The school has also received regular visits from the oral health team and children have been given toothbrushes to keep at school and others to take home with them.

Ms Greenhalgh added: “The team have come in to speak to different age groups in the school about the importance of good oral hygiene and we feel its a really good way to get that message across.”

Jean Holgate, manager of Bolton’s oral health team, said the event at the Wellbeing Farm had been a “fantastic celebration” of the hard work schools and nurseries in the borough put in to promote the Brush Bus scheme.

She said: “The schools and nurseries which attended were given awards thanking them for their dedication to the Brush Bus over the years.

“They really do go above and beyond, and have played a big role in helping with what we have achieved so far. The scheme would not have been so successful if it was not for their support.

“The children who attended all had a fantastic day and really enjoyed themselves.”

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