A TEENAGER was locked in his house by his mother after a fight but escaped and stabbed a love rival twice in the back.

Adam Donaghy attacked Ryan Phillips in the street after arming himself with a kitchen knife at his home in Woodvale Road, Great Lever.

The pair had fought earlier in the evening on Friday, March 27, when Donaghy, aged 18, also headbutted Mr Phillips' brother Danny.

Bolton Crown Court was told how Donaghy had been at a party next door to his home, and had drunk half a bottle of vodka and six cans of lager.

When he went home, he tried to grab a vodka bottle from his then-girlfriend, Lydia MacDonald, and assaulted her.

His mother intervened and the three of them fought, with the battle spilling into the house garden which alerted the revellers at the party next door.

Donaghy's cousin Austin Mort ran across and told him to let go of Miss MacDonald, which he did. He said Donaghy had been "wide-eyed" and was clenching his teeth.

Danny Phillips said he ran over at that point, held Donaghy at arm's length, and told him to calm down, which prompted the teenager to head butt him twice.

Ryan Phillips then got involved and fought with Donaghy, before the latter was forced inside by his mother.

The court was told how Donaghy and Mr Phillips had known each other for eight years, but there had been tensions after both had been in a relationship with the same woman.

After picking up a knife in the kitchen, he got out and leapt over a fence towards Mr Phillips, then stabbed him.

Donaghy was sentenced to four years and eight months in a young offenders' institution.

Mr Phillips suffered only superficial injuries, but was kept in hospital overnight for observation.

Michael Morley, prosecuting, said: "When the defendant was locked in his house, he got out.

"He armed himself with a knife, singled out Ryan Phillips, and pursued him, lunging at him at least twice.

"At that time he must have intended very serious harm."

The knife was never recovered, although eyewitnesses said it measured between four and six inches.

When police arrived, Donaghy was vomiting, and said "what knife?" when asked about the missing weapon.

Nicola Gatto, defending, told the court how Donaghy suffered with mental health issues stemming from his abuse of cannabis from the age of 14.

She said his mental "frailties" may be a reason for him over-reacting in stressful situations.

Judge Timothy Stead, affording Donaghy credit for his tender years and timely guilty plea, said: "Your own mother, no doubt knowing you for what you are, tried to calm the situation by locking you in part of the house.

"If only she had succeeded, matters would be better for you now.

"You escaped and armed yourself with a knife, and went to Ryan Phillips and stabbed him twice in the back."