Band name:

The Switch Ma-en

Members names, age and where they are from:

Johnny de Guyse 49, Moses Gate — narrator/lyricist/composition/programming/sound Production

Troy Sanchez 52, Little Lever — guitars/programming/sound Production

Ya Kavayan 49, Moses Gate — basses/video production/artwork/programming/sound Production

When and where did you form?

January 2013. We have potentially written at least 3 albums in that time and we're constantly writing new material.

What is your sound and who are your influences?

Best described as variable alternative and indie sound. If I'm writing a song about a certain theme then I'll go into that mind frame and character (The Switch Ma-en), similar to method acting. Hence the song Jaded Helm ( has a country and western feel to it. I am heavily impressed by any artist that can transform, like the author Fernando Pessoa or Madonna. Musically, any musician that does things I wouldn't have thought of.

What is the biggest gig you have played to date?

The Switch Ma-en hasn't gigged yet. I don't necessarily believe that musicians should have to perform all the time musically. We do intend to play live but at small venues with small stages. The essence of The Switch Ma-en is dialogue with the audience so I would rather have an exhibition were not only music is played but also art and thoughts are exchanged. I don't want the 'rock god' mentally being 10 feet above the crowd — I want to be on a level with them.

If you are not already, is it your ambition to become professional?

The essence of The Switch Ma-en is 'do it yourself' so a record deal isn't a worry for us. It isn't just about our music, it about an ideal so I will be designing and blogging our thoughts as well to interact with the audience genuinely

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully on a beach somewhere warm still composing, designing and blogging. If the climate change gets any worse probably Lytham St Annes.

Is there anything unusual or interesting about the band ?

We are certainly not mainstream or sing about the obvious but because of that we could become it. We sing about the obscure so we are a source of alternative media like the punk/new wave bands of the seventies. We are not just about music but art, science, politics and philosophy etc as well. Quantum punks would be a good description.

Forthcoming gigs?

Not yet. We are still currently working on a full set but watch this space. Our first release is a self produced music video Jaded Helm. As we plan to make music video to all our songs, people can still interact with the band through the internet by watching our media and getting in touch personally.