GRANDAD Trevor Abbot was so upset with the length of the grass on his local playing field that he cut it himself.

The 53-year-old married father-of-four spent two hours with his lawnmower on Suffolk Road Park in Little Lever.

Mr Abbott, who lives in Lancaster Drive, said the grass had become too long for children to play games.

He said: “After I had cut the grass, the children were on the field, playing cricket and football.

“The council say they can only do the ground twice a year, but kids matter, my children used to play on the field and my grandchildren do.

“The grass should have been cut earlier in the year and the council should have kept on top of it.

“It is better that the kids have somewhere to play and get exercise than just standing on the streets. I understand there have been cuts but kids matter.”

Residents said the grass had grown so long it was hiding any hazards that could cause injury.

Local councillor Sean Hornby, who is pushing for parks to be maintained regularly, said: “I applaud Trevor Abbott for his enthusiasm and his frustration in how the Suffolk Road Park has become. It’s heartbreaking to see this well used area suffering like it does.

“ I would hope in future they would consider cutting it earlier in the season which will prevent it getting like it has.

“The next problem will be the council say it is too long to cut and if they can do it it will look a mess.

“We should consider buying a community mower and allowing retired people and others to take over some of these areas."

A council spokesman said: “The council has had to make savings of £43m in the last two years and so in 2012, unfortunately, we had to reduce our grass cutting frequencies across the borough. The field behind the houses is cut twice a year and the next cut is due before the end of July.

"However, the area around the goal posts is be cut every 20 days and was last cut in June.”