A BUMPER lineup has been announced for the Soundhouse on May 12 - featuring Kill Kenada, To The Bones, Bookstore, Islands Lost At Sea and Burn The Mona Lisa.

And with admission a mere £3, it'll be wise to get there early to guarantee admission.

We caught up with Burn the Mona Lisa singer Nick Miller to find out what his band is up to.

Who are you? "Burn the Mona Lisa - John Pawloski, Mark Hesford and Nick Miller."

How did you get together? "As schoolfriends we had an innate mutual understanding of music and so when the chance came to work together we took it."

What do you sound like? "Burn the Mona Lisa sounds like intelligent musicians with eclectic music tastes making pop music with guitars and anything else we can play or steal."

What's on your record player? "Maximo Park - A Certain Trigger."

If you could play with one band, who would it be and why? "David Bowie, just to share a stage with the person who inspired me to make music and be artistic with it."

What's been the highlight so far? "The road trips we've enjoyed when touring the country with our friends and playing to new receptive crowds"

And the most embarrassing moment? "During our debut gig an exuberant Nick Miller threw himself off the sound rig simultaneously knocking out the power."

What's your definition of success? "For a band, success is satisfaction in achieving your goals. For us if we can make a great record to be truly proud of we will be satisfied regardless of whether anyone hears it or not."

What have you got lined up for the future? "Playing with Kill Keneda, Islands Lost At Sea, To The Bones at The Soundhouse May 12 and recording an album of new material."

How long before you can quit the day jobs? "I could quit my day job tomorrow."

If I was your fairy godmother and could grant you one wish, what would it be? "Reunite The Beatles if you also have the power to bring them back to life in one wish."