A BREIGHTMET couple boldly went down the aisle at their Star Trek-inspired wedding.

The fans of the show decided to do things differently on Saturday when they invited 60 guests to their sci-fi-themed celebration.

Kim Henderson and Gordon Florence, from Newby Road, donned outfits modelled on the ceremonial white uniforms worn by the likes of British actor Patrick Stewart — known to Trekkies as Captain Jean Luc Picard — in the Star Trek movie Insurrection Nemesis.

Their seven month old daughter Jadzia — named after Star Trek Deep Space Nine science officer Jadzia Dax — also wore matching ceremonial whites made by Bolton firm Stitched Up by Doreen.

Kim, aged 28, said: “It’s all a bit of fun getting to dress up in the different costumes.

“I’ve always known I wanted a Star Trek themed wedding since I was a lot younger.

“If anything I wanted to get married at ‘Star Trek the Experience’ at the Hilton in Las Vegas.

“I wanted to get married on the replica of the Bridge of the Enterprise.

“This is great though with lots of our guests dressed as Star Trek characters or in their favourite characters costumes.”

Kim, who works at Burnden Park Asda, walked down the aisle at Mere Hall carrying a regulation phaser rifle along with her bouquet.

A wedding car, decorated with troublesome tribbles, took them to a wedding reception at the Brooklyn Hotel.

The couple are members of Manchester Starfleet and the fan group joined the ceremony.

Gordon, aged 43, a stay-at-home dad, said: “It’s great to see people making an effort and seeing Jadzia dressed as a mini Kim.”

The couple met at a comic con in Manchester two years ago when Gordon was dressed as Doctor Who’s infamous villain The Master and Kim as Star Wars Princess Leia.

Their love kicked off at warp speed thanks to their joint passion for sci-fi and Gordon proposed in March last year.

Best man Alex Hayes-Newook, aged 17, said: “I did not expect a standard wedding from these two; they aren’t a traditional couple they are out of this world.

“I think this theme is perfect for them — they’re both massively into Star Trek.

“They’re made for each other — I could not imagine them without one another — the three of them are a golden family.”

Having been passionate about Star Trek items since they were both in their teens, they believe they have collected thousands of pounds worth of memorabilia over the years.

As reported in The Bolton News last week, the home they share with their daughter is a shrine to the show, with only the bathroom and kitchen free from memorabilia.

Much of the memorabilia — including a detailed Starship Enterprise model and life-size cut-outs of the cast — was used to decorate their reception venue to celebrate the start of their marriage.