ALL the world's a stage and performers invited to tread the boards.

A new modern staging and lighting system has been installed in Pikes Lane Primary School in Deane.

This means not only do their pupils have a chance to experience the thrill of performing, the school is inviting community groups to get up on stage and make use of it too.

The new stage and lighting cost around £15,000 and the school received a grant from the Chadwick Trust and the Awards for All Lottery Funding.

Now the school is hoping to forge links with local theatre groups who are struggling to find spaces to perform following the closure of several well established theatres, such as Theatre Church in Astley Bridge.

The school wants to offer out the stage, rehearsal spaces and resources to theatre and community groups.

The new state of the art facility includes a PA system, LED lighting and new flexible seating for an audience of more than 100 people.

The school says that because the school is just 10 minutes walk from the town centre it makes ideal for musicals, dance, drama or concerts.

Headteacher Lousie McArdle said: "We value creative arts very highly and have always considered performances a really important part of the curriculum.

"The new stage gives our pupils a great chance to broaden both the quality and the quantity of shows they put on throughout the year.

"It gives us a fantastic platform to provide pupils with the experience and skills needed to work within these fields in the future."

Alex Bradley, head of creative arts at the school, added: "I have been involved in the theatre community in Bolton since I was a young boy and seen lots of spaces closing over that time.

"It’s a great feeling to be able to create a new and exciting space for our pupils and, hopefully, the wider community can benefit from it as well."

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