IT has been a whirlwind couple of years for Faryal Makhdoom.

Following her high profile marriage to Bolton boxer Amir Khan, the 24-year-old went from normal city girl to A List star overnight.

In that time she moved across the world to live in Bolton — Amir's hometown — had a baby with him, launched a successful YouTube channel of beauty tips and now she is releasing her own range of lipsticks and contact lenses.

Faryal is the first to admit that she was not necessarily prepared for life in the fast lane, but after having the couple's first child, Lamaisah, she has settled down and is ready for a new challenge.

She said: "When I got engaged I went from normal city girl to living a super star lifestyle — it's crazy when I look back. I know it's just because I'm Amir's wife but it's hard to believe how different my life is."

After marrying the two-time world champion in June 2013, Faryal straight away moved from the bright lights of New York City to Bolton — a place she now calls home.

She said: "I'm settled in Bolton now. It's my home. I still go to the States quite a bit to see my family when Amir goes training. I'm busy here with my work and I'm hoping to be a part of Amir's banquet hall and restaurant which is opening soon in Bolton hopefully. I'd like to open a salon there.

"On top of that I like to spend time with my husband and our daughter. Amir's a great father, he always helps out, and I love it when we have time to spend together.

"I still don't watch him fight though. If we go to the States I won't fly out to Vegas with him — I don't even like seeing him after the fight because of all the cuts and bruises. It can be tough but I just have to be strong about it.

"It was hard to adjust to my new life at first but Amir is so supportive and he's the one that encouraged me to bring out my own make up range and do my videos."

Faryal's YouTube videos, which feature different beauty tips and tricks, average between 200,000 and 300,000 views each.

She said: "I have always been interested in make-up and beauty. I used to go to school with mascara and eye shadow on and my mum would yell at me, so before she picked me up I'd always scrub it off with baby wipes.

"I started getting into make-up more after getting married to Amir because he's in the limelight. I just like to try out different tricks on myself to see whether it looks good. When people ask me to do their make-up, I always have to say no because I'm only used to doing it on my own face. That's the reason why I started doing the videos so I could show people how they can do it themselves.

"I have been doing them for a while now but it's a hobby rather than a career. I did one with Amir which had more than one million views, so it's going really well."

Recently Amir has been in the news more so for his charity work than fighting — something that Faryal is immensely proud of him for. The 28-year-old travelled to the Greek island of Lesbos to hand out donated aid to desperate migrants who have fled their war-torn homes in Syria.

She said: "He has been very busy recently what with going to Greece to help out with the refugees. I really wanted to go with him but it was too dangerous to take our daughter. I know he definitely wants to be more involved with charity work in the future. I'm really proud of him."

Faryal's lipstick range will be out before the end of the year — followed by a range of contact lenses inspired by her own sight problems.

She said: "I have a weak eye and am very short sighted, which sucks. I don't like wearing glasses so have used contacts since I was about 13 or 14, so I know what's comfortable to wear as well as what colours look good. My favourite colour at the moment is sterling grey.

"They will come out next year, after my lipstick collection, which will be out very soon. I can't wait."