A MOVING video showing the reality of living with dementia has been created as part of The Bolton News's Donate £1 for Dementia campaign.

Filmmaker Jon Stroud created the eight minute long video with the aim of highlighting how the disease can impact people's day to day lives.

Actress Hayley Read plays the part of a patient with dementia at the Royal Bolton Hospital, portraying the difficulty and worry that can be caused from the most normal of activities, such as going to the toilet.

Our campaign in partnership Bolton NHS Charitable Fund to raise enough funds to make wards at the Royal Bolton Hospital dementia friendly has now raised almost £10,000.

Donations are still being encouraged, with an overall target of £200,000 being set.

The video was played to a packed audience at the recent Bolton and Bury Business Awards, where is was met with an appreciative response.

Mr Stroud, who has previously worked on Coronation Street and Hollyoaks, created the film with his company Jist Productions and Bolton FM, where he is also a presenter.

He said: "The reaction to the film has been great. Everybody seems to have been struck by it and have responded in the right way.

"We wanted to create the film in a point of view style, because we often hear the word dementia but don't actually know what it means in reality.

"Hayley was the perfect person to play the character, because her mother suffers from dementia and she knew exactly how to play it."

Hayley, who has appeared in performances at The Octagon and Bolton Little Theatre, said her own experience of the disease through her mother helped her performance in the film.

She said: "The majority of the time she knows who I am, but sometimes she has no idea. She ran her own business, she was an intelligent woman, and now she couldn't even make you a cup of tea. She lives in a world that's completely different to ours.

"A hospital with unfamiliar surroundings is daunting to the best of us, so I hope this film gives you an insight into how you would feel if you suffered from dementia, like my mum."

To donate to the campaign go to www.boltonft.nhs.uk/get-involved/charitable-giving/ or send a cheque, made out to Bolton NHS Charitable Fund, to Charitable Funds Department, Dowling House, Royal Bolton Hospital, Minerva Road, Bolton, BL4 0JR.

VIDEO: To watch the video visit theboltonnews.co.uk