MOST of us wouldn't think twice before giving grapes to children - but that might change after you've read this warning that has already been seen by more than 30 million people.

Emma Michie, aged 30, a childminder, posted on Facebook about the dangers of allowing children to eat whole grapes, after reading about a young boy who died from choking on the fruit.

Within hours, her post suggesting that people cut grapes in half had reached millions of people and concerned parents across the globe.

Her post now has more than 34,000 likes, has been shared 400,000 times and has notched up more than 30,000 comments.

Emma, who has worked in childcare for 14 years, has since started a campaign to get schools, supermarkets and restaurants offering grapes as part of children’s meals to cut them in half to prevent choking.

She said: “I was just going to put the post up, but when it went mad I realised I’m in a position where I’ve got people’s support.

“Lots of them were asking questions, saying McDonald’s still have whole grapes in their snack packs but no cutlery to cut them up, and supermarkets have them whole in packs, and schools for lunches.

“Parents were clearly worried about what happens when their kids are out.

“I just emailed all of councils in the UK, but I’m still waiting to hear back from a lot of them.

“I emailed all the supermarkets asking if they could put a warning on the packet or just cut the grapes up.

"Tesco were completely on board with it, they were fantastic. They’ve gone back to their suppliers to make some changes.

"It’s been really positive feedback. If I can make that little bit of difference it’ll help in the long run and hopefully reduce the chances of this happening again.”

Emma, from Dalgety Bay, West Fife, Scotland, posted about cutting up grapes after seeing in the news that two-year-old Jacob Jenkins died after choking on a grape in Pizza Hut.

“My son Jack is two, and we all do it,” she said.

“We don’t think twice about giving our kids whole grapes. It hit me because little Jacob is just the same age as Jack.

"The thought that in a split second your whole world can change is heartbreaking.

“I never thought in a million years that some general information that I’d posted would go all over the world. People are messaging from Australia and New Zealand thanking me for the post.

“People have posted saying they’d had lucky escapes with grapes when their children have choked, and some have even messaged to tell me that their children and grandchildren died because of this.

“Even paramedics and first-aiders have been in touch to say they have to use special tools to get grapes out because they’re just the right size and shape to block the windpipe and they get stuck.”

Despite the positive feedback, there have been comments suggesting that it’s health and safety gone mad.

Emma said: “That’s fine, if they want to think that. But if it can save a child’s life then it’s not a bad thing.

"It’s not about everybody going overboard and chopping everything up, it’s just about being slightly more cautious.

“It’s not going to have a negative effect if you cut grapes up.

“Given how many people have thanked me for raising the issue, you can’t assume it’s common sense.”

The NHS has issued guidance to reduce the risk of children choking.

They advise parents to remove any stones or pips from fruit and veg before serving, halve or chop small fruit, nuts and vegetables like cherry tomatoes and grapes, and cut large fruits into slices rather than chunks.