Noises Off
Adlington Music and Arts Society
Adlington Community Centre, Railway Road, Adlington
Until Saturday

IT is a brave decision for any amateur dramatic group to take on this technically demanding farce, but AMAS manage it with aplomb.

The set is notoriously difficult yet Stephen Pilkington and his team do a sterling job in producing a wonderful two-tier room complete with staircase, balcony, seven doors, one archway and a practical window. Then in Act Two the set is completely revolved (well done!) and we are given an informative view of events back stage as the performance unfolds. The running joke effect of the smashing window as burglar Selsdon makes his big entrance is particularly effective.

Director Nick Angus knows his play and cast well, and ensures that the often manic action is choreographed perfectly, including the ubiquitous plate of sardines and the peripatetic bottle of whiskey. The hardworking cast differentiates effortlessly between their real (actor) selves and the characters they are playing, notably dumb blonde Brooke (Rebecca Crookson) and energetic male love interest Gary (Ben Latham).

Strong performances are offered from Kathryn Gorton (as sensible Belinda), Hazel Bumby (dotty Dotty), Chris Bailey (hapless Freddie), and Richard Leigh as exasperated director Lloyd, while good support comes from Emily Bailey (Poppy), Daniel Kenyon (Tim), and Paul Stanley (Selsdon).

By Peter Haslam